The town was originally named Franklin from 1892 through 1898. Bryon Kelsey owned the first store in the 1900. It is believed that Kelsey changed the name to Moorhead after Annis P. Moorhead who homesteaded at the town site in 1900.

Like many homestead-era post offices, the post office moved multiple times when different families took over operations.

In the late 1940s there was still a store, saloon and fill station, but in the 50s when the Moorhead dam project on the Powder River deteriorated they began to close. George Fulton now owns the old store and post office and he moved it to his property a mile down the road near the old school house.

“The old store and post office, we moved down here,” Fulton said. “We took the front out and store machinery in it. I would have liked to have left it up there, but whenever we put anything of value in there, someone would take it.”