When Frank Brittain and his wife filed for a homestead in the Quietus area, the community received mail from Wyoming. Brittain petitioned for a post office. He sent names to the U.S. Post Office Department and they were all turned down. Brittain joked with his wife, “well, they put a quietus on that.” In gest, he submitted the name “Quietus.” It was accepted and Brittain's daughter, Ada Rigby, became the first postmaster in 1917.

When Rigby retired as postmaster in 1924, the post office moved from the Rigby ranch to a log house that Milton Phillips owned. He became postmaster. The post office operated until 1950. Then it moved two more times before closing in 1960. The log house that Phillips used as the post office still remains on a hillside at the corner of Quietus Road and Decker Road. A few families still ranch the area including, Alan Lloyd's.